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Entry-level engine, with its 4 cylinders in line, a displacement of 7 liters, this strong little engine gives 85 Hp to 190 Hp, from 2000 rpm to 2200rpm.

He's mainly used on generators and as industrial engines.

This engine is not produced anymore by CATERPILLAR, we can supply it only as used or rebuilt engine.

Manuel CAT 3304 & fiche moteur
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This CAT engine is manufactured by Perkins in England, a factory of the CATERPILLAR group. It is still produced but no longer meets the European standards regarding pollution.

With a displacement of 6 liters, for 6 cylinders in line, he produces 125 Hp to 210 Hp, from 2100 rpm to 2600 rpm.

It is rather used in yachting, recreational use or intermediary professional use; it does not fit with intensive professional use.

Manuel CAT 3056 & fiche moteur
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Faster engines, rotating between 2400 rpm and 2800 rpm, they are mainly used in yachting.

The Caterpillar 3208 has a special place in pleasure boats' sector as we find it on many units of less than 20 meters.

These engines are no longer produced by CATERPILLAR but we can supply it used or rebuilt.

Refit is also possible.

The CATERPILLAR 3126, no longer produced, is replaced by new CATERPILLAR C7.


CATERPILLAR 3208, 3316, 3126, 3196
Manuel CAT 3208 & fiche moteur
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CATERPILLAR 3208, 3316, 3126, 3196
Manuel CAT 3126 & fiche moteur
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6 cylinders in line, with a displacement of 10,5 liters, this engine produces from 190 Hp to 350 Hp (2000 to 2200 rpm).

In its typical marine use, this Caterpillar engine is rated at 250 Hp for professionals, on fishing boats, on transport boats (in haulage & forward motion) such as barges, push tugs etc.

Highly reliable marine engine, still very much used, it is no longer produced by CATERPILLAR, but we can provide it as used engine, or overhauled engine.

Manuel CAT 3306 & fiche moteur
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Very important model in the professional range, with its 14,6 liters of displacement, this 6-cylinders in line gives a power of 225 Hp to 400 Hp at 1800 rpm.

Its high torque is very interesting for professional use, on transport boats mainly.

Very common in Africa onboard pusher-barges or other professional vessels, the second-hand market is very active and the spare parts are still available.

This engine is no longer produced by CATERPILLAR, we can provide it as used engines or rebuilt.


IMPORTANT: CATERPILLAR group decided to resume the production of this "best-seller" professional engine (CAT 3406C, see below).

This new engine is intended for countries without restrictive anti-pollution regulations; due to its simple mechanical injection, it is very robust and maintenance is very simple.

Manuel CAT 3406 & fiche moteur
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In order to satisfy many business needs, many chose the 3406 model as an ideal engine in its robustness and simplicity.

Marine diesel engine, inline 6-cylinders 14.6 liters allowing a power range from 280 Hp to 400 Hp for older models.

In a conventional technology where injection remains mechanical for an easy maintenance.


Especially for this major model of the range, CATERPILLAR chose to resume production of new engines.

We now offer the NEW CAT 3406C engine from 250 Hp to 580 Hp.


Read the official press release of CATERPILLAR group about re-launch of model CAT 3406C


18 liters displacement, V8 heavy duty engine, 1250 rpm to 2100 rpm, it is mainly used in industrial sector.

This engine is no longer produced by CATERPILLAR but we can still provide it used or rebuilt (complete or part overhaul).


27 liters displacement fro this powerful V12 engine.

Even if this engine is no longer produced by CATERPILLAR, we can sell units, used or rebuilt (complete or part overhaul).